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4 Ways to Make August Your Best Month Yet

Feel like skipping August? Thinking of putting your New You journey on hold until September? If you want to get ahead of the health game here, we share 4 ways to avoid procrastinating and make August count.

Ah August. (How? How is it August already?!) August is a funny month. Half holiday mode. Half back to school and routine mode. August feels like the Sunday of the months. You know you are supposed to be enjoying it because…well…It’s Summer. Still, there is a little niggling feeling in the back of your head that September is fast approaching bringing with it routine and back to school schedules. You can’t quite completely relax. It’s so tempting to ride August out as a moot month health wise as well. To eat and drink all the things. To start being healthy in September (which vies with January as the Monday of the months). To put off your weight loss journey a little longer. Did we mention it’s summer?

Pause just a second. How many times have you put off your weight loss journey? You are not alone. At New You HQ we have a drop-down menu of reasons as to why we can delay losing weight a little longer. It’s summer/I’m going to a wedding/it’s my birthday/it’s my cat’s birthday. Yes, you name it, we have already thought of it and used it. We are creative like that.

What if, rather than letting August fly by in a conflicting mix of

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